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Zeluck, Brooklyn since 1921

Zeluck Windows and Doors is a custom, handcrafted architectural supplier, working at the highest possible level of craftsmanship to deliver bespoke products of rare beauty with no concessions to efficiency or environmental demands. From ultra-modern to traditional, contemporary and classical, our skills allow a range of style directions from hand-carved surrounds, to laser cut stainless steel, to curved glass. The craftsmen at Zeluck stand ready to meet the creative demands of the world’s great architects and designers. Just as we have for nearly a century.

Clearly Classical

Bespoke millwork. Monumental sash. Exquisite hardware.

Clearly Traditional

Myriad wood styles. Double-hung casement. Sliding or French doors. Awnings, hoppers.

Clearly Modern

Sash size limited only by your imagination. Just ask. We’ve engineered it all.

I have worked with a number of superb custom window and door companies for over 25 years.  None have ever exceeded the standards of high quality detailing and construction, excellent customer relations, creativity in problem solving, and long term customer service set by Zeluck.

Oliver Cope


For nearly a hundred years Zeluck’s workers have handcrafted mahogany millwork and glass to meet the exacting and varied demands of the most discerning architects and designers in America. And now Zeluck enters a new era, adding to product options bespoke stainless steel doors and windows; laser-cut, sleek in profile, and like all of their products, virtually unlimited in style and scale.

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100 Years of Crafstmanship

In 1918, Jack Zeluck worked as a glazier, operating from a pushcart on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Pride in workmanship created his reputation and success followed. After the Second World War, recognizing the demands of rising construction, Jack began supplying window sashes to apartment buildings. His company, Zeluck, Inc. grew, holding to the idea of innovation, customer service and craftsmanship, to become the largest window sash supplier in New York. 

Over the last hundred years his spirit has led his son and grandsons to a level of product development and growth far beyond Jack’s dreams…

Moving Forward

Through the decades of changes and developments in style, methods and technology, his family has always understood what the name Zeluck had come to stand for.  They have maintained the high standards of craftsmanship and quality set by the spirit and the focus of Jack Zeluck as they continue to create examples of handcrafted, custom workmanship produced to meet the requirements of some of the most exacting and distinguished clients in all the world. 

Zeluck has factories in Brooklyn, Connecticut, Arizona, California and Italy.

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