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Dade County Hurricane Impact Resistant Certification

Zeluck windows and doors carry hurricane impact resistant certifications based on the most stringent fenestration testing and certification protocols in the world. The Miami-Dade County Hurricane Impact Resistant Certification is known as the gold standard when it comes to testing windows and doors. Your peace of mind and the protection of your home have no greater assurance when selecting the Miami-Dade County Hurricane Impact Resistant Certification.

Bronze Pulleys, Sash Locks and Chains

Zeluck custom Mahogany double hungs utilize solid bronze pulleys and chains for decades of maintenance free service. They also patina to a pleasing soft brown color that complements the Architectural elegance of the classic styling.

Security Glazings

For added security, we offer the range of ASTM Burglar resistant glazings and even glazing resistant to bullets up to NATO rounds.

Roll-Down Solar Shades

Energy efficiency and comfort are greatly enhanced with tradition of roll-down solar shades. Available in a variety of fabrics offering full blackout to sun-filtering designs, roll-down solar shades will dramatically reduce both heat loss in the winter climes and the heat gain in the high solar gain zones of the Energy Star map. Motorization allows finite control when integrated to a Lite Touch, Crestron, Lutron or other home automation system.

Roll-Down Insect Screens

In many climes, insect screens are only necessary for limited times during the year. Roll-down insect screens can provide the protection during these times while retracting to reveal the full beauty of the view when not needed. Add motorization and home automation systems to the mix and you have the ultimate in convenience.

Motorized Sash

Coupled with fine European motors designed for commercial applications, you can have the convenience of motorized windows that open and close on the push of a button. You can even have them close on the appearance of rain, without any human intervention with the interface to a home automation system. Motorized windows make operating multiple windows in master tub surrounds and clerestory locations much simpler. Add a motor to a window over a kitchen sink and avoid back strain when operating the window.

True Divided Lite Muntins

TDL's are available where the purity of Architectural intent is important. Unfortunately, they are not available in our impact products. With sight lines as narrow as 5/8" for single pane and 1 1/8" insulated glass, the most demanding TDL configurations, in a variety of patterns including Colonial, Prairie Style, Gothic and Exotic. TDL offer your interpretation the purity you intended.

Applied To Glass Muntins

In challenging, wind borne debris locations where Hurricane Impact Resistant glazing is required, we off the full range of applied to glass muntins in any shape or style you desire. SDL offer enhanced security, energy efficiency and the traditional look you desire. Full Customization - Zeluck offers a full range of customization. From custom jamb depths, to motorized sash to motorized solar shades. You can have Archtop, Roundtop, Gothic or even bent glass operable casements. There is almost no limit to your design interpretation.

Energy Star Rated Glazing Systems

Zeluck offers a variety of glazing systems to conserve energy and make your home as comfortable, in any geographic location. From Palm Beach to Aspen to Beverly Hills. Zeluck windows distinguish your home as truly your unique creation complementing your lifestyle in the manner you deserve.