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American Awning

One of the more flexible windows, awnings can be combined with fixed or other configurations to extend your range of design options. Motorized units are available and sash is hung on concealed stainless steel hinges. Sash is weatherstripped with neoprene and is operated by means of lever-lock hardware. American open out awnings available with interior roll screen or fixed wood screen.

Traditional American Style Out Swing Casements

If you prefer the more traditional styling and hardware configuration of an American style casement, we offer that capability as well. With more traditional crank type operators and concealed multi-point knife latches, this product type offers the familiarity of a more standard hardware and operating configuration.

Zeluck Custom Mahogany Out Swing Casement Windows

The rich, durable beauty of hand crafted Mahogany is a design statement coveted by the accomplished over the ages. Zeluck custom Mahogany casement windows offer the advantages of out swing configuration and the increased resistance to air infiltration as wind speed increases and the weatherstrip compresses. American homeowners have traditionally preferred out swing casements to prevent intruding on interior floor plan flow and furniture placement. Out swing casements windows also offer the additional benefit of adding motorized or pull down solar shades. Zeluck manufactures several different models of custom Mahogany out swing casement windows. They are summarized below:

Zeluck Modified European Casements

European windows have been standardized on an overlay sash that provides increased energy efficiency. Many projects demand a more detailed, refined look. This look has been made a classic by the more traditional American style of window manufacturing signified by an inset sash and concealed hinges. The Zeluck custom Mahogany, modified European frame window is designed to provide the exquisite detailing of a fine inset sash window with concealed hinges, coupled with the benefits of the enhanced efficiency of the additional weatherstrips available on an overlay sash.

The multi-point hardware provides added security and the added stability of multiple locking points that serve to draw the sash in tighter on the three stage weatherstrip. On the Zeluck custom Mahogany modified European outswing casement window, you have the clean refined detailing classically defined by the inset sash and concealed hardware combination, with the convenience and functionality of European style multi-point locking hardware. Combine this with the beauty and durability of fine Honduran Mahogany and you have a new standard in American classic fenestration.

Available in a wide array of styles from standard rectangular shapes to Roundtop, Arch top, and Gothic shapes, your interpretation of the chosen vernacular for your project can be achieved with the integrity of your vision. Available with both True-Divided lite and applied-to-glass Muntins, choose from a broad library of custom Mahogany profiles to complete the detailing of your outswing window to compliment your project detailing.

Completing the breadth of solutions, your Zeluck custom Mahogany modified European outswing casement window has a complete line of optional features to enhance their energy efficiency and benefits on the environment of your home.

Traditional European Custom Mahogany Out Swing Casement Window

Traditional European out swing casement windows combine the convenience and security of multi-point operating hardware with stronger hinges to support larger, heavier sash. Traditional European styling also embraces the overlay sash. Overlay sash are know for producing tighter, more energy efficient windows, with lower air-infiltration ratings. True French Casement styling is available in this product configuration.

The exposed stainless steel hinges can support very large and heavy sash offering you the ability to make large oversized custom Mahogany casement windows or couple in heavy exotic glazings such as Dade County Hurricane Impact Resistant glazing or bullet-proof composites for added security. The exposed stainless steel hinges also offer the flexibility to craft the full range of shapes tom complement any Architectural vernacular. Full Round top to Arch top to Gothic, your every design desire is accommodated.