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Zeluck Weight & Chain Custom Mahogany Double Hung Windows

Classical Architecture often times balances on the fine lines and proportions of double hung windows. Greek, Colonial and Federalist styles are pre-eminent examples of this. Zeluck custom Mahogany weight & chain double hung windows replicate all the most desired features of this window style to complement the truest interpretation of these styles.

Utilizing weights & chains on classic bronze pulleys, there is no peer that compares to the Zeluck double hung window. Coupled with the durable, timeless beauty of Mahogany, you have a window to complement a style that will outlive the ages.

Available with True Divided Light (not available in impact rated products) you have the definition of classic embodied in these icons of Classical Architecture. Beyond the classical styling you have the added peace of mind knowing that you have a technologically advanced combination of weatherstripping systems specifically designed to reduce air and water infiltration to make these some of the most energy efficient , water tight, double hung windows made. Couple the advanced weatherstripping with the latest technologies in glazing and you have custom Mahogany windows that offer some of the best performing windows in the world.

To discover the beauty and capabilities of Zeluck custom Mahogany double hung windows, call and schedule a consultation today.