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1918 - Jack Zeluck
In 1918, Jack Zeluck started Zeluck, Inc. as a glazier, fixing broken glass in local residences from a pushcart. After the war and with the rising construction, he started supplying window sash to apartment buildings and Zeluck, Inc. expanded to become the largest window sash supplier (union) in New York. By the end of the 1950's, with continued growth and expansion, Jack brought his son Morris into the business.
1950's - Morris Zeluck
Morris took the company to the next level by supplying the industry with complete
window and door units. Being tenacious, inquisitive, and eager to learn more about
fenestration, Morris kept being drawn to Europe where he found innovative and new
technologies. With the advent of aluminum windows in the marketplace, he made a
decision to turn the company's focus to high end, custom window and door products. As he became increasingly aware of the difference in the construction methodologies across the Atlantic, he incorporated those technologies into window and doors for American-type construction.
1960's - The Late 1960's
Architect Gene Futterman had received a commission to design a home in the Hamptons on Long Island. His client had purchased a church in order to utilize its stained glass in his home. Wondering how he could incorporate the glass, Futterman turned to Zeluck to help solve his problem. Zeluck eagerly rose to the challenge. The success of the project springboarded the Zeluck name into being the first truly custom window and door company in the United States.