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1970's - Enter Morris' Sons, Roy and Kevin
Roy entered the company and began marketing the Zeluck product throughout the country - seeking the most challenging projects. Kevin focused on factory operations, and organized and streamlined production. Through Morris' guidance, Roy and Kevin learned that it was not only making a great product, but the service they offered their clientele, that would become the foundation for the continued success and growth of Zeluck.
Teamwork - The Benefits of Teamwork
The success of Zeluck is due, in part, to the relationships we've developed over the years with the architects and builders who have come to us. When we work together as a team, you have asked for, taught us, and been inquisitive to the point of inspiring us - to rise to the challenge of building the best possible product. As a result, we strive to offer you unprecedented freedom of design and specification control, infinite product range, superior quality and a unique responsiveness to your needs. Today homes featuring Zeluck windows and doors are featured in Architectural Digest, Florida Architecture, Architectural Record and other prestigious publications.
Generations - Father To Son - Generations Of Owners And Workers
To all of us, windows and door manufacturing is more than an art, it is a legacy of craftsmanship passed from father to son, through the extended family that reaches beyond its owners to encompass employees as well. In its third generation or ownership, sons have grown up alongside their fathers, training in the business from an early age. Many workers, some employed over 20 years, have apprenticed their own sons.