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Ownership - The Benefits of Ownership
For the owner of Zeluck windows and doors, our reputation for quality translates into a sense of security, reliability and endurance that comes with every purchase - for our record stands for itself. Our windows enhance any design, helping to express the impression you wish to convey, an impression that lasts a lifetime. We take a keen interest in ensuring that every window and door that leaves our facility is built to withstand the elements and preserve your residence for generations to come. Regardless of location, style or design specifications, we take great pride in enabling the elegant, the unusual, the traditional, while maintaining the highest engineering performance standards.

To that end, doing as many oceanfront homes as we have, when Dade County and SBCCI certification requirements became mandated in Florida, Roy and Kevin took the initiative and Zeluck became the forerunner in Dade County and SBCCI approved products.
Future - Our Vision Of The Future
It took the pioneering spirit of Jack Zeluck to begin this company, a spirit that endures and continues to drive us towards new innovations and achievements. Infinite care, dedication and reliability go into every window and door that leaves our facility for they are the hallmark of the Zeluck name. Zeluck Incorporated continues to flourish because it remains dedicated to growth, innovation and quality. With a strong customer focus, Zeluck look to the future with confidence, as it strives to enhance its existing products and services, stay on the cutting edge of advances in manufacturing and technology, and instill as much care and attention into creating windows and doors as it did almost a century ago.